May 17, 2016

The Li/ea/ving project

A workshop + A multidisciplinar and site-specic performance through the idea of Exodus. “Li/ea/ving project” is based on the idea that the need to leave is every day more intense in nowadays societies all around the world. The need to escape, to nd an exit, to try to live instead of surviving manage most of our lives. The title «Li/ea/ving project» plays with the words «living» and «leaving» as a

Opening Capital Cultural Catalunya 2013

On 2013 we had the honour to create the opening ceremony of the “Cultural capital of Catalonia 2013” in Ripoll. We worked with the composer Eduard Tenas and the coreographer Ester Forment to create a piece where almost 300 actors, musicians, singers and dancers took part. 1 2 3

La Plana

2015 Creation. Winner of 7 prices at Sidi Kacem International theatre festival (Morocco) Best play. Best director: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila Best first role: Carla Vallès Best second role: Manu Gómez and Carles Garcia Llidó Best light and sound Best scenery 1 2 3 4 5 6

Li/ea/ving rehearsals

Last January we began the rehearsals of our next creation. After some months of hard work, we’ve opened our rehearsals to some outer visions. The photographer Roger Aran visited us and took some pictures of our process, just before an opened session where we showed our work to other creators and artist who generously talk to us about their sensations as audience.