The Li/ea/ving project

The Li/ea/ving project

A workshop + A multidisciplinar and site-specic performance through the idea of Exodus.

“Li/ea/ving project” is based on the idea that the need to leave is every day more intense in nowadays societies
all around the world.
The need to escape, to nd an exit, to try to live instead of surviving manage most of our lives.
The title «Li/ea/ving project» plays with the words «living» and «leaving» as a synthesis of the dialogue that
we aim to provoque among creators and with the audience.

«Li/ea/ving project» wants to be an exploration of the idea of Exodus from as much societies as possible,
opposing them to our vision as catalan and european citizens.
Through this exploration we want to generate a dialogue between audiences and creators all abroad.

After a year of research around the idea of Exodus, in which we developped images and dramaturgies, and
presented them to the audience in Barcelona, we begin the last part of this research process through encounters
with creators from all around the world, visiting their countries and creating there a working group to
work with and create an unique presentation.
The process combines the work with a text and the collective creation, mixing dierent stage and audiovisual
disciplines. In each presentation, a group of creators will be formed and it will develop a variation of the scenic
sheet developed in Barcelona. It’s not about creating a complete dierent play, it’s about letting the whole
dramaturgy nd new shades and variations, through new text and microscenes developped by the imagination
and the vital experiences of each member of the group.

The process is completely alive, and it lets the piece to breath and grow with each presentation, with the
contributions of each participant. The audience get every time a site-specic, alive and close experience.

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