December 2016

Auditions 2017

Cia. Sargantana will held a selection sessions to include new members into “La Cuina” research group. We are looking for: – Actors/Actresses over 25 years old. – With the aim and the capacity to get engaged in a group work. – Musical knowledge will be appreciated. Personal interview will be held between January 9th and 13th 2017. Pre-selected candidates will also participate in two practical sessions with members of “La

Festival Vis a Vis 2016 France

From October 10th to 14th cia. Sargantana participated in the dramaturgy sessions of the Vis a Vis 2016 Festival in Cabestany (France), after directing the workshop “The dramaturgy of the action”. Monday 10th was the day dedicated to writing the plays that would be presented the 14th. A team of 5 authors, in which Jordi Pérez took part, wrote 7 plays. On Tuesday the writers read their plays to the teams