Cia. Sargantana was founded in 2003.

Our main focus is to create a space for experience, reflection and exchange with the audience. With the actor-creator as the center of our creations, we use any artistic discipline, theatrical or non-theatrical spaces and technology in order to feed this meetings with the audience. We want to offer a revealing experience to the audience in order to change our world, and we use anything available to reach our goal.

We maintain that research is essential for our creations. Research in our methodologies but also in the questions that we want to share with the audience. A continuous defy of ourselves in order to offer a theatrical experience that moves the audience from inside.

The base of the company is the continuous practice, under the direction of Jordi Pérez. In 2009 we established our workcenter in Barcelona, where we started our research group – La Cuina – to develop our dramaturgical and acting systems. In the period 2009-2018 the laboratory created the main lines that guide our nowadays work, the iam system, acronym of “impulse-action motion” system.

In 2013 we opened La Vilella, our new workcenter and theatre in Barcelona. It allowed us not only to improve our research and creative processes, but also to establish recurring contact with the audience and to offer opportunities to both local and foreign companies to show their creations and bring new experiences to our audiences.

In 2020 we move our workcenter to Ripoll, in the Pyrenees, in order to find a suitable rythm that fits our research processes.

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Ctra. N-152 km.108,5 17500 Ripoll (Girona)