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Barricidi -a project of Art i Part

“Barricidi” is a show resulting from the municipal project of community creation Art i Part Poble Sec. Based on the driving force of gentrification, the expulsion of neighborhood residents and the loss of identity, the social, artistic and cultural diversity that enriches Poble Sec through different artistic disciplines is shown.

This proposal has been developed by a working group of the community culture table of Poble Sec. The various participating people and organizations are the ones who have created the show, and this project is understood as a transformative and vindictive artistic process, involving the neighborhood and groups that are directly or indirectly suffering the consequences. of the gentrification of the neighborhood in recent years.

An immersive and site-specific proposal, the result of a process of community creation, which aims to bring the viewer closer to the reality of gentrification.

The assembly aims to offer a multifaceted view of the problem, focusing on those realities that most affect the neighborhood at the moment and projecting them towards a not-too-distant future. It shows the two sides of the same coin: the face, the Poble Sec 2030, a fashionable neighborhood in the heart of Barcelona, and the cross: the social costs of the “Barricide” necessary to build this new face.

Partnership: Pla Comunitari del Poble-sec, Art&Coop, La Vilella (Cia. Sargantana), Transductores, Associació Susoespai, Institut del Teatre, Mercat de les Flors, Trama SCCL.
Emerging artists: neighbours of Poble-sec (Barcelona).

Established artists: Jordi Pérez and Vero Cendoya, co-directors of the show.
Collaborators: Taula de cultura del Poble-sec.
Pictures: Justin P. Brown.

Art i Part. Community artistic creation

The ART i PART program of community artistic creation in the neighborhoods is an initiative of the Barcelona City Council, managed through the Institute of Culture, which invites the residents of the city to take part in a community proposal in the which they act as creators. ART i PART, which already carried out a first season in 2018 in five neighborhoods of the city, came in 2019 to the Besòs, Gòtic and Poble-sec neighborhoods.