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iam system

Since 2009, the research group has developed a methodology that includes definitions, exercices, procedures and an open-minded structure that guides our work as creators and performers. This system, known as “impulse-action motion” (iam system), has been used in very different kind of productions and is always evolving, even if its roots are clearly defined.
The system, with strong connections with the physical actions systems, combines ideas of NLP or quantum physics among others, with the aim of offering a healthy and useful way of living the profession and helping creators reach their audiences.

Impulse: inner pulsion, the need to act produced by a real need that grows inside ourselves.

Action: verb that produces a transcendental shift in me and in everything that surrounds me.

Impulse-action: action made in the exact moment.

“Living through action” is our first line of research. It is dedicated to the growth of the artists through physical and vocal exercises. An actor needs to be attentive and calm so as to establish a sincere dialogue on stage, needs courage to keep this dialogue all over the performance, and must be free to act and react to the needs of this dialogue.

“The dramaturgy of the action” explores different aspects of a creation, from the creation process to the relationship between the performer and the audience, the role of the audience or the performing place.

Our research in this field is based on research on quantum physics (quantum, multiverse, observer, mass-energy), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), as well as the introduction of new technologies and the use of traditional music.