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The continuous practice of the group brought us to open the iam Studio, an acting studio where we share our knowledge with professional actors.

Since 2009 many actors from 8 different countries (Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico) have joined the studio to take part in our regular training or in our workshops.

Apart from our own workshops, the iam Studio has invited many researchers and performers to offer their workshops. Since 2011 we’re proud to have hosted Jean-Louis Roqueplan, the Workcenter, Gey Pin Ang, Tebby Ramasike, Roger Ribó.

The iam system is the base of our training and workshops.

The impulse-action motion system is an evolution of the physical actions technique that adds Neurolinguistical programming (NLP) and quantum physics ideas and uses exercises and concepts from aikido, qi gong, meditation and other scenic arts disciplines.

It’s designed to serve nowadays actors, so it helps them no matter if it’s on stage or in front of a camera. However, it’s the actor-creator that will profit the most from it.

The iam system offers not only a way of training but also tools and proceeds to use in any phase of the work: preparation, creation, rehearsal and performance.

The aim of the iam system is to improve the presence of the performer, letting him live the present, calm and attentive, fully and honestly connected with the moment.

Living through action

Living through action is dedicated to the growth of the artists, through physical, vocal and technical exercises.

An actor needs to be attentive and calm so as to establish a sincere dialogue on stage, needs courage to keep this dialogue all over the performance, and must be free to act and react to the needs of this dialogue. In these sessions we train and develop all those needs.

The dramaturgy of the action

The dramaturgy of the action explores different aspects of a creation, from the creation process to the relationship actor/audience, the role of the audience or the performing place.

It offers concrete tools to apply in the iam system in a creation.

These sessions can be dedicated to a creation process or a text production