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The technological research laboratory is one of the two legs of the company’s research. In 2017, after several years of research in this field within the scenic laboratory, we decided that technological exploration required its own space and we separated it from the scenic laboratory.

Since then, the research has not stopped and has produced different results: a free software for managing live events, training for young people in vulnerable situations, various applications for own productions and collaborations with other companies.

Currently, this research is focused on interactivity, augmented reality, streaming and the use of geolocation in hybrid proposals.


Several projects and collaborations have emerged from technological research, among which we highlight:

  • 2022 – creation of the interaction for “In viaggio verso Eutopia” of the international project Beyond borders, of the Italian company Instabili Vaganti.
  • 2022 – participation in the digital creation LiVE Experiment 8 of the Canadian company potatoCakes
  • From 2021- mapping and 3D for the magicians of Ripoll.
  • 2020 – Stories of a trade: interactive route through trades in Barcelona’s Poble Sec.
  • From 2020: collaboration at Albert Vidal’s Late (telluric laboratory).