2009/13 – Stan & Owsky

Two founders of a theatre company are alone in a secluded theater with nothing else to do but wait for someone to arrive and begin the performance. But frost and soon snow are making this possibility even more unlikely. It is within this atmosphere of solitude and tension that all the demons of Stan and Owsky’s relationship with each other and with the theater world are awakened.
Frustration, envy, vital needs, fears, in short, the corrosion of a long theatrical relationship will come to the surface with the energy of years of containment.

Written and directed: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila

Saoro Ferre (2013) – Eudald Casals (2012)
Jordi Pérez

Assistant director: Marilou Roqueplan
Lighting: Vicens Herrero (2012) – Edgar Garcia (2013)
Sound: Dani Carles – Edgar Garcia

Music: Dani Carles