2013 – Ball d’hivern

It proposes a double contact with the scene: live communication and Twitter communication between the audience and characters during the performance.

An eternal dance that transports us to an unreal space but at the same time very well-known: the winter inside us. 
5 characters from different eras caught in a dance try to escape from what one day led them to enter. Waiting for a security that will allow them to go out and recapture what they left one day stuck – their lives – they keep on dancing. All you can do is dance, give up. 
5 testimonials about one idea: Why does winter settle inside us? What do they have in common 1714 with World War I? And George Orwell with 1714? And us with all this? What if the rythm stops?

Written and directed: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila

Carlos Briones
Georgina de Yebra
Saoro Ferre
Jordi Pérez
Carla Vallès

Assistant director: Marilou Roqueplan
Lighting: Edgar Garcia