Cia. Sargantana will held a selection sessions to include new members into “La Cuina” research group.
We are looking for:
– Actors/Actresses over 25 years old.
– With the aim and the capacity to get engaged in a group work.
– Musical knowledge will be appreciated.
Personal interview will be held between January 9th and 13th 2017.
Pre-selected candidates will also participate in two practical sessions with members of “La Cuina” on
January 16th and 18th.
The selected participants will join the group.
“La Cuina” regular schedule includes:
– 2 weekly working sessions.
– Exceptional extra intensive working sessions.
– Helping in the working space management.
Those interested should send a letter of motivation and a complete Curriculum Vitae to:
Please send us your information before December 30th 2016.