The team

Jordi Pérez - director

Jordi Pérez studied acting in Barcelona and Telecommunications Engineering at UPC Barcelona. He continued developing his artistic knowledge with Christine Adaire, Carol Rosenfeld, Janot Carbonell, Raimon Molins and other professionals in the performing arts field. So far he has written more than 20 plays, including "No Country for Old Myth" and "Stan & Owsky", which were published in 2013. He has also composed soundtracks for several plays and has translated theatrical texts into Catalan and French.

As a director, he has directed numerous productions with cia. Sargantana and other companies in Barcelona, Catalonia and France. From his beginnings as an actor, he has participated in numerous plays, television series and films.

Since 2009, he directed "La Cuina” research group, developing the iam System (Impulse-Action-Motion System) and has guided workshops on "Living Through Action" in Catalonia, France and Morocco.