Li/ea/ving – Act I

In this “Act I”, we enter the intimacy of some particular cases, by entering their homes just before they ceases to be defined as such.
Migrants, refugees, expatriates … All under the label of immigrants in the countries of arrival, open the door to their humanity just before leaving it behind and becoming, perhaps, just one figure.
A site-specific journey inviting the audience to participate in the flight, not only by visiting the houses of our protagonists, but by taking an active role in the action.

Activista – Carles Garcia-Llidó
Pare – Jordi Pérez
Kima – Alba Rosa
Written and directed by – Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
A cia. Sargantana – La Cuina production.
Inside Breus project, hold by:

Districte Sants-Montjuïc – Ajuntament de Barcelona

– Duration 60 minutes
– Site-specific and multispace performance
– Audience divided into groups of 15-25. Each group follows a dierent itinerary and they meet again in the last scene.