The li/ea/ving project – Workshop

“Li/ea/ving Project” is based on the idea of the need to leave, which is becoming more intense in societies all around the world.
The need to escape, to find an exit and to live instead of simply surviving controls many lives.
The title « Li/ea/ving Project » plays with the words « living » and « leaving » as a synthesis for the dialogue we strive to provoke with the creators and the audience.

What is the relationship between living and leaving today?
To leave in order to live? To live wishing to leave?
Emigrants, refugees, expatriates…
all of them under the same label, until they reach their new countries: Immigrants.

Today ́s societies are becoming pluricultural creating the idea that travelling anywhere is easy, at least for those capable. Considering this, travelling for some becomes the only option toward obtaining a better life abroad…
The need to discover the world, the hope of a new life or the need for salvation bring people from all over the world to embark on a new journey .
The attempts of the receiving countries to maintain equilibrium between safeguarding human lives and fullling political objectives, makes the trip for some a dangerous nightmare…

« Li/ea/ving Project » wants to be an exploration of the idea of Exodus from different points of view, discovering what is outside of our vision as Catalan and European citizens.
With this project we aim to generate a dialogue between audiences and creators from all over the world.

The process begins with a training period to introduce the group to our work method, the iam System (Impulse-Action-Motion), which offers a framework that gives confidence and freedom to the creators. Later, we will begin with the dramaturgy development in the same way as in Barcelona. In these sessions, each member takes part in the development of scenes and solos using the images and dramaturgical ideas already developed in Barcelona. The vision of each group of creators and the place where it is presented
will be unique and space-specic.

We will not create a completely new play, but will rather nd new variations, texts and microscenesdeveloped with the collective mind and vital experience of each member of the working group.

On 2019 we conducted workshops in Manresa (Catalonia) in collaboration with sala els Carlins and the city hall program Mou-Teatre and Manacor (Sala La Fornal).