No country for old myth

Five myths have been closed in their spaces for centuries, feeling the time goes by.
They are now opening their doors to the world for a brief moment, and the audience can visit them in the spaces where they were once trapped forever. Oedipus, Creont, Antigone, Medea, and Hamlet receive the visits in the hope that they will be released by anyone who visits them. 
Through these myths, cia. Sargantana offers us a reflection on today’s society, on current politics, on the human being we have become. On justice.

Written and directed: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila.

2012 Cast: Ruben Pagani-Pellicer, Miguel López, Mar Montón, Carla Vallès, David Barceló.

2014 Cast: Mireia Estrany, Carlos Briones, Saoro Ferre, Jordi Pérez, Carla Vallès.