International work sessions

In the 15th anniversary of the company, and after ending the 10th “La Cuina” research group period we trigger a new series of encounters with creators from all around the world.
The trans-borders International work sessions let us start a new investigation journey through a series of deep anthropological, sociological and polytical questions that involves our nowadays existence.
This open call invites national and international artists to respond to these questions, following the principle of openness and sharing that has always characterized our work as a company.

Trans-: «across», «beyond», «through»

This new shared journey aims to continue the pursuit that started with our “La cuina” research group, but going beyond its work through what we’ve began.

We want to continue the pursuit of an universal language capable of connecting our nowadays audience with its present, connected with its past and that let them project their world to the future.
Quantum physics ideas such as quantum, multiverse, observer, mass-energy; NLP – neuro-linguistic programming – , as well as the introduction of new technologies and the use of traditional music are some of the basis that will set our path.

This work sessions aims to go further not only living through action, thus freeing the creator to be able to transcend, but also in the dramaturgy of the action, defying the relationship with the audience through our bodies, the time and the space.

Open call (2018)

The Roots

We choose “the roots” as the subject of this II work session, in both senses: the source or origin and the essencial part.
Some of the question that could guide our session are:

– Which is our essence as human beings? Which is our origin / essencial part?
– Which is our essence as creators?

– Where do we come from?
– Is there any universal connexion with our past?
– What still remains in our present from our ancesters?
– Are those origins able to connect creator and audience?
– Which is the essencial part to connect with the audience?

Practical information

The OPEN CALL will close on 15th July 2018.
The participants will be selected by 31st July 2018.
The International Work Session, within the trans-borders laboratory, will take place from 5th to 9th September in Barcelona (Catalonia) at the La Vilella Teatre.

How To Apply:

In order to enroll it is necessary to send an email to with:
– Letter of motivation.
– CV
– Example of your work, in the format that suits the best to you (non-mandatory but helpful).

Participation is free of charge.