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  • basis and statement

    basis and statement


    Art is a vehicle to shift society’s vision toward deep questions that involve our everyday lives.
    Art can change time and space to let the audience find answers to deep questions unreachable in our everyday lives.
    As creators, we have to find a way to become a connection for the audience with themselves.
    We have to discover the path that will lead the audience to their own answers.
    This is an inner development as a human being, but also as creators. We must redefine the language.

    This quest will help us in creating the experience that hopefully will let the audience connect with themselves and find an answer.

    This sincere and real dialogue that we wish to establish is an ethereal goal that needs specific tools, implication and, why not, a dose of luck to achieve it. Luck is not in our hands, so we focus on developing these tools in order to grow as creators and performers.


    All the work is framed under the working ideas of our decalogue:

    1. A creator must have commitment.
    2. A creator needs courage and honesty during all stages of his work.
    3. He has to develop his imagination, stimulating it and training it daily.
    4. Knowledge opens the door to the imagination and sets the limits and rules of play in relation to each work process.
    5. A creator needs a body and a spirit trained and ready for the possibilities of the imagination. A body and a spirit must not become an obstacle but rather a vehicle.
    6. The work of the creator is connected to his present state and it must serve to improve his self-knowledge and the knowledge of his surroundings. On stage, this knowledge must allow him to transcend, becoming a physical channel for the audience with themselves through life on stage.
    7. The final goal of an actor-creator is to become this physical channel, which means embodying what is required in each moment of the performance. If it is a realistic work, for example, it will be necessary to create a sample of behavior giving it physical, psychological, emotional and verbal life.
    8. Deep knowledge comes from the entrails. Life cannot be transmitted through any other way.
    9. The impulses, instincts and the management of these constitute life. An actor can only live through the action.
    10. The world changes, and the art changes with or ahead of it. The audience changes. There are universal images, but there are perceptions and values ​​strongly linked to cultures. Only through these images and cultural perceptions will we reach universal values.
  • iam system

    iam system

    iam system

    Since 2009, the research group has developed a methodology that includes definitions, exercices, procedures and an open-minded structure that guides our work as creators and performers. This system, known as “impulse-action motion” (iam system), has been used in very different kind of productions and is always evolving, even if its roots are clearly defined.
    The system, with strong connections with the physical actions systems, combines ideas of NLP or quantum physics among others, with the aim of offering a healthy and useful way of living the profession and helping creators reach their audiences.

    Impulse: inner pulsion, the need to act produced by a real need that grows inside ourselves.

    Action: verb that produces a transcendental shift in me and in everything that surrounds me.

    Impulse-action: action made in the exact moment.

    “Living through action” is our first line of research. It is dedicated to the growth of the artists through physical and vocal exercises. An actor needs to be attentive and calm so as to establish a sincere dialogue on stage, needs courage to keep this dialogue all over the performance, and must be free to act and react to the needs of this dialogue.

    “The dramaturgy of the action” explores different aspects of a creation, from the creation process to the relationship between the performer and the audience, the role of the audience or the performing place.

    Our research in this field is based on research on quantum physics (quantum, multiverse, observer, mass-energy), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), as well as the introduction of new technologies and the use of traditional music.

  • la Cuina

    la Cuina

    la Cuina

    “La Cuina” – The Kitchen in Catalan – was our creative laboratory that focused its research on two main aspects: the preparation of the actor-creator and the dialogue with the audience.

    Since 2009, many actors from different countries joined the team and developed what became the iam system, “living through action” and “the dramaturgy of the action”. The group has developed exercises, tools and theoretical documents that are in constant evolution. La Cuina offered a work-in-progress space to go further into our own discourse while exploring new ways of reaching the audience.

    From 2009 to 2013, the research was divided in periods, where we focused on only one of our two lines of work, alternating between them. In this period, we developed most of our regular exercises and established the basis for a deeper practice and research.

    From 2014 to 2018, the research group increased its labour, working at the same time with the two lines, and defying all that was found in the previous periods.

    In 2015-16, the group began a collaboration with sociologists from GRECS (Grup d’Estudis de Cultura i Societat) from UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), with the aim to develop better dialogue with audiences, using a more scientific approach with new themes for the research. We held open working sessions in which we put our theories into practice.

    After this intense period, La Cuina reached its goal, and we decided to stop the research group. 

    Since 2012, “La Cuina” has offered regular presentations to the audience, sharing its discoveries through very specific creations. The last performance was on 4th may 2018 in Ripoll.

    However, all the knowledge and the procedures guide the regular work of the company and lead to new research projects.

  • transborders english

    transborders english


    International work sessions

    In the 15th anniversary of the company, and after ending the 10th “La Cuina” research group period we trigger a new series of encounters with creators from all around the world.

    The trans-borders International work sessions let us start a new investigation journey through a series of deep anthropological, sociological and polytical questions that involves our nowadays existence.

    This open call invites national and international artists to respond to these questions, following the principle of openness and sharing that has always characterized our work as a company.


    Trans-: «across», «beyond», «through» + Borders

    This new shared journey aims to continue the pursuit that started with our “La cuina” research group, but going beyond its work through what we’ve began.

    We want to continue the pursuit of an universal language capable of connecting our nowadays audience with its present, connected with its past and that let them project their world to the future.

    Quantum physics ideas such as quantum, multiverse, observer, mass-energy; NLP – neuro-linguistic programming – , as well as the introduction of new technologies and the use of traditional music are some of the basis that will set our path.

    This work sessions aims to go further not only living through action, thus freeing the creator to be able to transcend, but also in the dramaturgy of the action, defying the relationship with the audience through our bodies, the time and the space.