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SocCos_Silent_Scenes of an exodus_Li/ea/ving act I_La Plana_Pel corrent del temps_Ball d’hivern_Stan&Owsky_Fragndismut, la història d’un Nadal_Pol (o les campanes)

Lab creations

De quan tot filava quan filava_No country for old myth

La Plana

A dining room set on a small hill houses three characters who have made this space their home and their mutual company, a family.

One evening, as they are having dinner, the events surprise them. Everything that they could follow on television every day, invades and transforms their lives, and maybe those of a whole country.
To what extent are we ready to imagine a new political, social or economic system?

The team

Kram: Jordi Pérez
Ela: Carla Vallès
Prim: Saoro Ferre
Carreter: Nathalia Sócrate
Speech man: Carlos Briones
Bodyguard 1: Carles Garcia-Llidó
Bodyguard 2: Manu Gómez

Written and directed by Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
Assistant director: Marilou Roqueplan
Costume: Muriel Parisi
Music and visual space: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
Lights and sound: Alba Rosa


7 prizes at Sidi Kacem International theatre festival 2015
Best performance
Best director: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
Best leading actress: Carla Vallès
Best cast actor: Manu Gómez
Best cast actor: Carles Garcia-Llidó
Best lights and sound creation.
Best scenography.