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SocCos_Silent_Scenes of an exodus_Li/ea/ving act I_La Plana_Pel corrent del temps_Ball d’hivern_Stan&Owsky_Fragndismut, la història d’un Nadal_Pol (o les campanes)

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De quan tot filava quan filava_No country for old myth


SocCos is an immersive and interactive creation that explores the lack of communication of the human being, taking the body and technology as a reference.

SocCos explores the increasing isolation that society calls us to on many levels, even causing at times the isolation of ourselves.
The space plays with the concept of inside/outside at different scales: from inside/outside the physical/virtual world to inside/outside the body itself, passing through social relationships.

A mixed reality creation (Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality) that uses dramatic structures specific to the performing arts and takes the viewer as audience and performer at the same time.

The team:
Dramaturgy, direction, creation, programming, soundscape: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
Creation, paintings: Albert Coma Bau
Creation, audiovisual communication, video and 3D recordings: Alba Rosa

Performers: Albert Coma Bau, Jordi Pérez

Created at: Lanau7

A cia. Sargantana production
In collaboration with Albert Coma Bau

With the support of:
Generalitat de Catalunya – Departament de Cultura
Next Generation Catalunya