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De quan tot filava quan filava_No country for old myth

Li/ea/ving – act I

In this “Act I”, we enter the intimacy of some particular cases, by entering their homes just before they ceases to be defined as such.

Migrants, refugees, expatriates … All under the label of immigrants in the countries of arrival, open the door to their humanity just before leaving it behind and becoming, perhaps, just one figure.

A site-specific journey inviting the audience to participate in the flight, not only by visiting the houses of our protagonists, but by taking an active role in the action.

The team

Activist – Carles Garcia-Llidó
Pare – Jordi Pérez
Kima – Alba Rosa
Written and directed by – Jordi Pérez i Soldevila

– Duration 50 minutes
– Site-specific and multispace performance
– Audience divided into groups of 15-25. Each group follows a dierent itinerary and they meet again in the last scene.

A production of cia. Sargantana – la Cuina within the project Breus

With the support of: Districte Sants-Montjuïch – Ajuntament de Barcelona