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De quan tot filava quan filava_No country for old myth


Immersive and interactive experience about silence.

From birth to death, our relationship with silence changes and goes through many different stages.

Silent is an immersive and interactive proposal that explores the human relationship with silence. An approach to an ethereal universe, that of silence. A universe that runs away from what, for our society, is essential in every relationship: the image.

In a changing space that follows the interaction of the audience and starting from the greatest possible silence, we will experience 9 scenes that want to be a door to reflection on comfort, abandonment, hyperactivity, the absence of silence, the search for silence in the monotony, loneliness and forced silence, the impossibility of experiencing absolute silence or the last silence.

Like silence, which is never the same, this proposal is different and unrepeatable in each presentation.

The actions of the spectators-listeners will build a different universe each time. It will be the relationship with the sound and silence of each of the participants that will define the experience of each sequence. Sometimes individual desires will define the universe of the entire group of viewers. And, as in life, sometimes group decisions will prevail over individual wishes.

In a space where image and sound surround you, will you be able to live in silence and stillness?

The team: 

Dramaturgy, direction, creation, interactivity, mapping, soundscape: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
Art direction, creation, graphic design: David Resplandí i Valiente
Audiovisual communication, video and 3D recordings: Alba Rosa
Visual creation: Cocobongo
Performer: Gypsy Nel·lo
Created at: Lanau7

A cia. Sargantana production

In collaboration with Resplandí Valiente i Cocobongo

With the support of:

Generalitat de Catalunya – Departament de Cultura
Next Generation Catalunya