De quan tot filava quan filava

“When all is well, but only sometimes.”
“When everything was spinning”
When everything was 
“When everything was spinning, 
we thought that it was spinning”
“ It was spinning when it spun “

” De Quan Tot Filava quan Filava “ is a physical theatre project telling a story derived from creative and historical research, aiming to stimulate reflection and dialogue with the audience. The set of scenes brings you closer to the world of our past: women in textile colonies in Catalonia. 
The textile colonies were a very important social entity for the region ending in the last century, marking an important shift in the social structure that still affects society today. The colonies offered security, but compromised certain freedoms. “Freedom with exceptions” is the theme of our research material, as we find similarities between then and now, in which the strive for security compromises our freedom. 
During our research, we found that women’s experience in the colonies was flagrant and became our main focus. Although they were the engine of the colonies, there was not equality with men, in regards to their rights and salaries. Children were also exploited through hidden child labour, which occurred just a few decades ago.

De quan tot filava quan filava,
Is a trip
to the memory of a time,
A walk in the ether
Between dream and exorcism,
At the top of the sirens 
And the looms. 

A collective creation by La Cuina laboratory
Dramaturgy: Jordi Pérez

Maria Dombón
Àlex Galimany
Carles Garcia-Llidó
Jordi Pérez
Alba Rosa
Gemma Sastre

Jordi Pérez
Justin P. Brown

Jordi Pérez

With the support of:
Ajuntament de Barcelona