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  • Scenes of an exodus

    Scenes of an exodus

    In Scenes of an exodus we enter the journey into the unknown. That moment when, after leaving “home” and hoping to reach the “promised land”, a period of uncertainty begins.

    This performance explores the exodus of thousands of migrants, refugees, expatriates,… the transit from a well-known space to another that is expected to be safe, with the risk of surviving every obstacle, challenge and challenge.

    A creation full of symbolism through physical work, acquiring a greater magnitude through the use of technology.

    The team

    Direction and dramaturgy: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
    Performance: Jordi Pérez and Alba Rosa
    Scenic, visual and sound space design: Totizou

    – Duration 50 minutes
    – Includes projections. Darkness needed (indoor/outdoor).
    – The 25-minute version can be presented without projections (indoor/outdoor).

    Supported by:

    Sants-Montjuïc District – Barcelona City Council

  • SocCos


    SocCos is an immersive and interactive creation that explores the lack of communication of the human being, taking the body and technology as a reference.

    SocCos explores the increasing isolation that society calls us to on many levels, even causing at times the isolation of ourselves.
    The space plays with the concept of inside/outside at different scales: from inside/outside the physical/virtual world to inside/outside the body itself, passing through social relationships.

    A mixed reality creation (Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality) that uses dramatic structures specific to the performing arts and takes the viewer as audience and performer at the same time.

    The team:
    Dramaturgy, direction, creation, programming, soundscape: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
    Creation, paintings: Albert Coma Bau
    Creation, audiovisual communication, video and 3D recordings: Alba Rosa

    Performers: Albert Coma Bau, Jordi Pérez

    Created at: Lanau7

    A cia. Sargantana production
    In collaboration with Albert Coma Bau

    With the support of:
    Generalitat de Catalunya – Departament de Cultura
    Next Generation Catalunya

  • Li/ea/ving – act I

    Li/ea/ving – act I

    In this “Act I”, we enter the intimacy of some particular cases, by entering their homes just before they ceases to be defined as such.

    Migrants, refugees, expatriates … All under the label of immigrants in the countries of arrival, open the door to their humanity just before leaving it behind and becoming, perhaps, just one figure.

    A site-specific journey inviting the audience to participate in the flight, not only by visiting the houses of our protagonists, but by taking an active role in the action.

    The team

    Activist – Carles Garcia-Llidó
    Pare – Jordi Pérez
    Kima – Alba Rosa
    Written and directed by – Jordi Pérez i Soldevila

    – Duration 50 minutes
    – Site-specific and multispace performance
    – Audience divided into groups of 15-25. Each group follows a dierent itinerary and they meet again in the last scene.

    A production of cia. Sargantana – la Cuina within the project Breus

    With the support of: Districte Sants-Montjuïch – Ajuntament de Barcelona

  • La Plana

    La Plana

    A dining room set on a small hill houses three characters who have made this space their home and their mutual company, a family.

    One evening, as they are having dinner, the events surprise them. Everything that they could follow on television every day, invades and transforms their lives, and maybe those of a whole country.
    To what extent are we ready to imagine a new political, social or economic system?

    The team

    Kram: Jordi Pérez
    Ela: Carla Vallès
    Prim: Saoro Ferre
    Carreter: Nathalia Sócrate
    Speech man: Carlos Briones
    Bodyguard 1: Carles Garcia-Llidó
    Bodyguard 2: Manu Gómez

    Written and directed by Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
    Assistant director: Marilou Roqueplan
    Costume: Muriel Parisi
    Music and visual space: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
    Lights and sound: Alba Rosa


    7 prizes at Sidi Kacem International theatre festival 2015
    Best performance
    Best director: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
    Best leading actress: Carla Vallès
    Best cast actor: Manu Gómez
    Best cast actor: Carles Garcia-Llidó
    Best lights and sound creation.
    Best scenography.

  • De quan tot filava quan filava

    De quan tot filava quan filava

    ”De Quan Tot Filava quan Filava“ is a physical theatre project telling a story derived from creative and historical research, aiming to stimulate reflection and dialogue with the audience. The set of scenes brings you closer to the world of our past: women in textile colonies in Catalonia. 

    The textile colonies were a very important social entity for the region ending in the last century, marking an important shift in the social structure that still affects society today. The colonies offered security, but compromised certain freedoms. “Freedom with exceptions” is the theme of our research material, as we find similarities between then and now, in which the strive for security compromises our freedom. 

    During our research, we found that women’s experience in the colonies was flagrant and became our main focus. Although they were the engine of the colonies, there was not equality with men, in regards to their rights and salaries. Children were also exploited through hidden child labour, which occurred just a few decades ago.

    The team

    A collective creation by La Cuina laboratory

    Dramaturgy: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila

    Cast: Maria Dombón, Àlex Galimany, Carles Garcia-Llidó, Jordi Pérez, Alba Rosa, Gemma Sastre

    Projections: Jordi Pérez, Justin P. Brown

    Lighting: Jordi Pérez

    With the support of: Ajuntament de Barcelona

  • No country for old myth

    No country for old myth

    Five myths have been closed in their spaces for centuries, feeling the time goes by.

    They are now opening their doors to the world for a brief moment, and the audience can visit them in the spaces where they were once trapped forever. Oedipus, Creont, Antigone, Medea, and Hamlet receive the visits in the hope that they will be released by anyone who visits them. 

    Through these myths, cia. Sargantana offers us a reflection on today’s society, on current politics, on the human being we have become. On justice.

    The team

    Written and directed by Jordi Pérez i Soldevila

    2012 team:

    Cast: Ruben Pagani-Pellicer, Miguel López, Mar Montón, Carla Vallès, David Barceló.

    Music: Daniel Carles

    2014 team:

    Cast: Mireia Estrany, Carlos Briones, Saoro Ferre, Jordi Pérez, Carla Vallès.

    Music: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila

  • Ball d’hivern

    Ball d’hivern

    It proposes a double contact with the scene: live communication and Twitter communication between the audience and characters during the performance.

    An eternal dance that transports us to an unreal space but at the same time very well-known: the winter inside us. 

    5 characters from different eras caught in a dance try to escape from what one day led them to enter. Waiting for a security that will allow them to go out and recapture what they left one day stuck – their lives – they keep on dancing. All you can do is dance, give up. 

    5 testimonials about one idea: Why does winter settle inside us? What do they have in common 1714 and World War I? And George Orwell with 1714? And us with all this? What if the rhythm stops?

    The team

    Year of the production: 2013

    Cast: Carlos Briones, Georgina de Yebra, Saoro Ferre, Jordi Pérez, Carla Vallès.

    Written and directed by Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
    Assistant director: Marilou Roqueplan
    Lighting: Edgar Garcia

  • Fragndismut, la història d’un Nadal

    Premiered in 2005 at the Ribes de Freser theater.

    Written by: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila
    Director: Eudald Casals
    Music, light and sound: Dani Carles
    Cast: Jordi Pérez

  • Pel corrent del temps

    Pel corrent del temps

    2013 Capital cultural de Catalunya opening.

    “Standing in the present, with the memory in the past and the gaze fixed on the future.”

  • Pol (o les campanes)

    Guess the riddle, a cat, seven lives, and a fish, with golden flakes. A room for both. A closed window: a dumb bell. The cat play with the fish. The fish, play with the cat. Every day, the cat walks by and the ticking of the bell rings throughout the room. And every day, the cat is back with the sharpest nails. The cat plays with the fish. The fish, play with the cat. One day, suddenly, the cat comes in hasty and he shows his teeth, and the fish jumps inside the cat’s mouth. Who will die?

    The team

    Written and directed: Jordi Pérez i Soldevila

    Cast: Eudald Casal, Oriol Casals, Oriol Macià, Òscar Pérez, Albert Pujol, Sergi Descayre,Olga Fañanás, Noemí Torné, Marina Prat, Pau Subirana, Luís Herman, Ferran Junyent

    Light and Sound: Dani Carles